Kappa Kryptonite

Fall 2016

New Member Educator: 
Zoe *ELIXIR* Ngai

(Fall 2015)

Laura Chen

Line Number: 62

Nickname: celestia

Big Sis: Ingrid *aeris* Wai

Lil Sis: 

Status: Active

Major: Life Sciences

Hometown: Brampton, ON
Birthday: November 20th, 1998

Christine Dorotheo-Carlos

Line Number: 63

Nickname: SOLEIL

Big Sis: Fion *SOLACE* Trinh

Lil Sis: 

Status: Inactive

Major: Double Major in Psychology and Biology

Hometown: Richmond Hill, ON
Birthday: August 24th, 1996

Cindy Guan

Line Number: 64

Nickname: polaris

Big Sis: Ingrid *aeris* Wai

Lil Sis: Eva *orisa* Ling & Amie *iridessa* Zheng

Status: Alumna

Major: Health Studies Science

Hometown: Markham, ON
Birthday: December 24th, 1995

Casey Khuu

Line Number: 65

Nickname: ROULETTE

Big Sis: Natalie *EXPLICIT* Ip

Lil Sis: 

Status: Active

Major: Double Major in Psychology and Health Studies

Hometown: Toronto, ON
Birthday: December 4th, 1998

Gloria Meng

Line Number: 66

Nickname: MUSE

Big Sis: Natalie *EXPLICIT* Ip

Lil Sis: 

Status: Active

Major: International Business (Co-op)

Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Birthday: December 27th, 1995

Christine Qi

Line Number: 67

Nickname: Midnight

Big Sis: Chloe *Prestige* Chen

Lil Sis: 

Status: Active

Major: International Relations

Birthday: October 2nd, 1998

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