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Rush Fall 

The sisters of alpha Kappa Delta Phi Sorority Inc. at the University of Toronto invites you to join us for our Winter 2022 Recruitment.

Rush is a two week period in which students can learn more about Greek life. Activities and events are organized within each sorority/fraternity which is open to all students, free of charge. These events allow students to know more about the members and the organization.

Interested in joining?

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How to Join

Firstly, you must be a full time undergraduate student at one of the University of Toronto campuses. At the start of each semester - September and January - we have a period that spans one or two weeks called Recruitment (also known as Rush) where you get to find out more about our sorority without any commitment. 

Recruitment consists of many events such as information sessions, mixers with other organizations, sisterhood events, and philanthropy events. Through these series of events, you get to know more about us sisters and we get to know more about you. 

It's a great opportunity to meet new friends on your campus with similar interests without having to commit to the organization. At the end of Recruitment, if you feel that you are suitable for alpha Kappa Delta Phi and want to join, you will follow the next set of steps to become an official sister.

Why join alpha Kappa Delta Phi?

  • Social

    • A big part of the college experience is sharing good times with friends, new and old. alpha Kappa Delta Phi provides ample opportunities to meet and interact with people from university campuses all over the nation.

    • From social exchanges, retreats, formals and road trips, the sisters of aKDPhi share many memorable moments. We often have mixers, which are events with one or more other Greek organization or student club, and formals to celebrate newly crossed classes.

    • We have thousands of members in our sorority throughout Canada and U.S.A. and there are multiple opportunities throughout the year to get to meet with many of them.

  • Leadership:

    • alpha Kappa Delta Phi is dedicated to building future leaders. Sorority members are some of the most active and visible student leaders within the sorority, the campus and the community. Members develop valuable leadership skills through sorority activities and opportunities that will help them in their chosen careers.

  • Service

    • One of the most gratifying aspects of sorority membership is the sense of pride that comes with involvement in community service.

    • As a sorority, alpha Kappa Delta Phi strives to further Asian-American awareness and aid the Asian American community and other communities through service projects, volunteer work and charity fundraising.

    • alpha Kappa Delta Phi’s chosen national philanthropy is breast cancer awareness. Each semester promises to include new and exciting service events which will benefit the sorority and community.

  • Academics:

    • alpha Kappa Delta Phi provides a great network of support for academic endeavours and recognizes excellence of our own sisters with rewards and scholarships. We strongly emphasize academics within the sorority. Our educational experience is important so we encourage each sister to work hard.

  • Sisterhood:

    • alpha Kappa Delta Phi is founded on the ideal of sisterhood. It is often said that in college, friendships are developed that will last a lifetime. We consider every single member of alpha Kappa Delta Phi a “sister.”

    • A sister is someone who you can share your hopes, dreams and fears with. A sister will listen and give you the support you need in good times and in bad.

    • The sisterhood of alpha Kappa Delta Phi is unique. Each sister is different yet special in all our hearts. We encourage you to experience the sisterhood of alpha Kappa Delta Phi, a sisterhood like no other.

See below for some of our past rush themes!

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